Sig Sauer Kilo1250 Laser Range Finding Monocular, 6x20mm, Camo (Sok12602)



A dedicated processing engine provides a fast refresh rate for the laser, enabling four measurements per second so you’ll be able to have essentially the most accurate range conceivable for moving targets or to confirm the range to a stationary subject. Complementing the rangefinder is an integrated inclinometer that measures the relative angle to the target. When the angle and range are combined, Sig’s AMR ranging system adjusts the displayed range so you’ll be able to compensate as it should be for uphill or downhill shots, greatly bettering your accuracy. A simple two-button interface provides critical ease-of-use and a high-transmittance LCD display clearly shows the ranging information to your line-of-sight in an uncluttered layout. Designed for durability, the housing is made of a lightweight and durable polymer that may be wrapped in slip-resistant protective camouflage rubber armor. Weighing in at under 5 ounces, including the CR2 battery, the KILO1250 will likely be a valuable addition on your kit.


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