The brand new SIG Sauer KILO1250 is essentially the most advanced and easy to make use of rangefinder currently availible available on the market these days. Featuring the fastest digital signal processing engine and with a streamlined user interface system the SIG Sauer Kilo1250 will provide you with a no hassle out of the box revel in. The non-reflective target distance is 950 yards, and the reflective target distance is 1600 yards. The Kilo1250 includes a compact lightweight polymer housing and Viper Western finish.Specifications and Features:SIG Sauer Kilo1250 Laser Rangefinder SOK126026x20mmNon-Reflective Target Distance 950 YardsReflective Target 1600 YardsSpectraCoat anti-mirrored image coatingsSuperior light transmission and optical clarityRevolutionary Lightwave DSP TechnologyFastest and longest distance rangefinder engineHyperScan provides 4RangeLock Features line of sight (LOS) or angle modified range (AMR)Units in yards or meters to tenth Y/M resolutionHigh Transmittance LCD displayUser selectable target modes featuring LAST or BEST for pinpoint accuracyCompact, lightweight polymer housingDiopter AdjustmentSimplified user interface with RANGE and MODE buttons onlySleek design for one handed operation and lanyard attachment pointsCR2 BatteryViper Western


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