-= RX 580 / 570 =- MODDED BIOS 29-31.5+ MH/s NO CARD INCLUDED


Hello, Taking a look to spice up your mining performance? This bios will increase your 580/570 card speed up to *29 – 31.5* MH/s! I will be able to do All Rx 580 / 570 make and model, in addition to all memory Types. Undervolting only use 60 – 90 Watts of power, down from the Standard 150+ Watts that allows you to save you money on Electric Bill and most necessary the Gpu lifespan! By purchasing this listing, you’ll receive: A Modded Rom File – This rom file, when Flashed will increase your mining performance. My personal live assistance. I’m going to set up MSI Afterburner and Undervolt your Gpu * Saves you money on Electric Bill & Gpu lifespan * Answer any questions you’ll have. Feel free to message me about any questions you’ll have. With a 100% Customer Satisfaction Please remember that NO CARD IS INCLUDED!


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