Russian red dot Kobra sight AK side-mount EKP-1S-03 + free CR 2 battery+souvenir



Review Video: This particular model of well-known Russian combat red dot sight EKP-1S-03 uses 1×3 Volt CR-2 battery. We sell only Kobra red dot sights that are produced in our home city Izhevsk, Russian Federation (motherland of Mr. Mikhail Kalashnikov – world-known gun designer). Each sight is checked and tested by me personally since I have been selling them since 2000 all over the world and I do care about the quality. We ship within 24 hours after receiving cleared payment and advise tracking number immediately since 2000 . Shipping time to Europe takes 12-15 days, to the united states 9-21 days, Asian countries 10-21 days. We declare all items as gifts – no customs fees on your end.Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information. We will be able to leave POSITIVE feedback for every successfull order.All items are brand-new exactly as on the pictures! Set of the authentic Russian EKP-1S-03 CR2 sight includes: EKP-1S-03 red dot sight – 1 Rubber sun-shield – 1 Camo belt case – 1 Original Russian manual – 1 Special screw-driver tool – 1 Cloth for optic care – 1 Original carton box – 1 !Free CR2 battery as a gift! – 1 Russian Kobra red dot (Cobra collimator) sight provides accurate target acquisition under any light conditions: bright day light, twilight and moonlight night. Kobra red dot sight has 16 levels of manual brightness adjustment of sighting marks (reticules). With a Cobra red dot sight, you’ll be able to easily acquire target with both eyes open that provides unlimited field of view, especially when you want targeting small and moving objects efficiently. When targeting with Kobra red dot sight the shooting distance is limited only with the precision of the shooter’s eyesight. There is not any alignment but to place the reticule on the target. Shooter can choose between four types of reticules (sighting marks) and 16 levels of brightness simply pushing buttons of Cobra red dot collimator scope. Reticules are: Dot, T-bar, V-bar, V-bar with dot. Zeroing of Kobra red dot sight by way of windage and elevation wheels is similar to any optical scope. Once you zero Cobra red dot on your gun, you don’t want to rezero the sight when taking it off, transporting and following mounting it back on the gun. Shooter can adjust windage and elevation of the Kobra red dot collimator sight with a simple click of the wheels within the range of 100 to 600 meters. Cobra red dot scope has light and robust shockproof, waterproof, dustproof design which provide excellent performance under extreme weather conditions: from – 40 to +50 °С, heavy snow, tropical rain, hoarfrost, fog, desert. Kobra red dot sight weighs less than 410 g. Cobra red dot has certification N РОСС RU.C308.H00117. Perfect shot with Kobra red dot! Check my Internet-store for other cool Russian items. Take a look at my other items! Track Page Views With Auctiva’s FREE Counter


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