Meprolight M21 Bullsey Reticle Day/Night Self-illuminated Reflex Sight



Meprolight M21 Bullseye Reticle Day/Night Self-illuminated Reflex Sight. Modern in box. From Meprolight: The primary reflex sight on the earth designed for close quarter combat, the Mepro M21 by Meprolight has been combat-proven by one of the vital elite fighting forces on the earth: The Israeli Defense Forces. The reflex sight has a big display that permits shooters rapid target acquisition with both eyes open. Reticle illumination is achieved by a safe fiber optic light collection system all the way through the day and by a self-powered tritium light source at night. Transition between the 2 systems is instantaneous and automatic to assure good contrast between the aiming dot and the objective area. The M21 is night vision compatible and does not require switches or batteries. Shooters can leave both eyes open2.:Wide field of vision3.:Great value red-dot sight


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