FLIR Quick Detach Lens 35mm



QD 35mm Lens Description The FLIR QD35 35 mm Quick Disconnect Lens is an ordinary focal length quick-disconnect lens designed for the BHS-series thermal binoculars. When hooked up to the BHS-xR, the sphere of view is 18 degrees x 13 degrees and 13 degrees x 10 degrees at the BHS-x. Raised and grooved rubber sleeves supply very good grip for quick, accurate focusing. The included low-profile lens caps give protection to the lens from moisture and damage. Features: – Thermal Imaging Accessories – 35mm Lens Specifications: – FOV (320 x 240): BTS-X Pro: 13deg. x 10deg. BTS-XR Pro: 18deg. x 13deg. – E-Zoom FOV (Solution): BTS-X Pro: 6.5deg. x 5deg. (160 x 120) 2x BTS-XR Pro: 9deg. x 6.5deg. (320 x 240) – E-Zoom FOV (Solution): BTS-X Pro: No 4x BTS-XR Pro: 4.25deg. x 3.25deg. (160 x 120) – Detect Man (1.8 m x 0.5 m): BTS-X Pro: 780 m BTS-XR Pro: 1,140 m – Acknowledge Man: BTS-X Pro: 190 m BTS-XR Pro: 280 m – Size (H x D): 2.2″ x 3.1″ 280935


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