Eotech XPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight-Night Vision Compatible



Model XPS3-0 Weapon SightKey Features:The XPS3-0 is a lightweight, non-magnifying, optical sight designed for Close Quarter Battle. It allows very fast target acquisition and engagement at short ranges whilst providing aiming capability out to 300 meters equal to or better than iron sights.The sight allows operators to handle eye contact at the target and to position the holographic reticle onto the target without shifting center of attention. Operators can quickly acquire the target and reticle in the similar focal plane for fast and accurate shot placement. The XPS3 can operate in tandem with Generation I – III+ night vision intensifier tubes. Operators can see the holographic reticle image with helmet mounted or weapon mounted night vision devices. The XPS3-0 web page is offered with 0- 65 minute ring with vertical and horizontal stadia and a 1 MOA aiming dot. (see photos above)This item is up to date with all registration, warranties and paperwork. The Inspection Date at the box is current year 2017 w/ NEW LOGO. (beware of older inspection dates) Comes with a lithium battery in a position to go!International Shipping AvailableBuy with confidence.If you wish to have a special item not advertised, please contact us.


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