EOTech Tactical Holographic Non-Night Vision Compatible Sight 68MOA Ring with 2 1MOA Dots Fits .300 AAC Blackout Black Finish Rear Buttons includes CR123 Battery XPS2-300 he XPS2-300 HWS Holographic Weapon Sight from EOTech is an unmagnified aiming device with a reticle designed specifically for the 300 Blackout. The sight is designed for fast target acquisition and enhanced situational awareness. EOTech’s unique holographic reticle concept makes the aiming point visible in any lighting condition and remains centered on the target irrespective of the operator’s shooting angle. Additionally, this Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) reduces blind spots and tunnel vision common in tube sights, in addition to enabling both-eyes-open shooting. The XPS series is the shortest and lightest HWS produced by EOTech. Running on a single CR123 battery mounted perpendicular to the receiver, it leaves more rail space than previous models for iron sights or magnifiers. Keep an eye on buttons on this model are mounted on the sight’s back (facing the shooter), for fast activation. Both the rear and front windows are shatter resistant; even though broken by extreme shock, such as an instantaneous hit or vehicle crash, glass may not shatter, and all remaining glass surfaces will permit the sight to function properly. This XPS2 is specifically configured for the 300 Blackout (or 300 Whisper) cartridge. It features two bullet drop compensation subtention dots in a 65 MOA circle. The reticle can be utilized either with subsonic or supersonic loads; if shooting the quiet version, use the top dot as 50 yards zero, and the lower dot will be dead-on at 150 yards. If the use of supersonic rounds, zero the top dot at 100 yards and the bottom dot will be on course at 300. Specifications: – Magnification: 1x – Eye Relief: Unlimited – Mounting System: Picatinny-Type – Have an effect on Point Correction: 0.5 MOA – Maximum Windage/Elevation Adjustment: +/- 40 MOA – Operating Temperature: -40 to 150¡F – Weatherproofing: Submersible to 10 Feet (3 Meters) – Battery: 1 CR123 Battery – Runtime: Up to 600 Hours of Continuous Operation at Brightness Setting 12 – Dimensions: 3.50″ x 2″ x 2.40″ – Weight: 8 oz – Color: Black


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