Eotech XPS2-2 Holographic Sight



Eotech Transverse XPS 2 Red Dot Sight is the non-Night Vision-compatible version of the Eotech Transverse XPS 3. This Red Dot Sight made by EOTech is even smaller than the preferred EOTech 550 HoloSight, making it compact enough to bring anywhere. The EOTech Transverse XPS Two Sight runs on a single 123 battery, with a longer battery life than previous HOLO sight models. The EOTech Transverse XPS2 Red Dot Holo Sight is smaller, lighter and all the time fast with three reticle options. With the brand new single battery configuration, the EOTech Transverse Xps-2 Holo Sight allows more rail space than ever, leaving more room for rear iron sights or NV mount.XPS2-2: EOTech Transverse Red Dot Sight, Black – 65 MOA Circle w/ Two 1 MOA Dots Reticle Features of Eotech Transverse Red Dot Sight XPS 2: Single transverse 123 battery to scale back sight length Shortened base only requires at such a lot 2 3/4 of rail space in comparison to the 4″ N battery sights Battery cap and latch are eliminated and replaced with a simple O-ring, tethered cap Better sealing is achieved Battery compartment is now separated from the bottom to permit it to hover over delta ring of rife Average battery life at brightness level 12 is more or less 500-six hundred hours, tripling the battery life of the N sights 0- 65MOA ring with 1 MOA aiming dot, 1- Single 1MOA aiming dot, 2- 65MOA ring with (2) 1 MOA aiming dots


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