Eotech HHS II EXPS2-2 WITH G33 Black K12



HHS II includes a EXPS2-2 with a G33.STS maganfier for engaging threats in Close Quarter Combat situations and quickly transitioning to a 500 m focused on or surveillance situation. magnifier for engaing threats in close quarter combat situations and quickly reworking to a 500 m surveillance or focused on situationinstant transition is achieved through a handy guide a rough switch to side (STS) mount that gives a easy quick disengatement of the magnifierthis durable night vision compatile system offers a large field optical performace with superior light transmission for visibility in extreme low light conditionsafter extensive checking out of more than a few optical sights, US special operations command has standardized at the HWA as its weapon optic for close quarter battleoffering true 2 eyes open shooting, atransverselt-mounted lithium


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