Eotech 512 XBOW XB crossbow HWS Best Crossbow Scope



Holographic sight for crossbows EOTECH 512 Xbow – the model is released in 2013 – so it’s a completely new development.Sights of the company EOTECH are known as the only ones and sights of mass production and free sale with a holographic principle of constructing a sighting mark.Regularly these sights are also called “collimator” (for example, we have on the site in the group “Collimators”), but in reality it is a completely different and new technology.A sighting sign recorded by way of holography on a carrier (special plate made of special glass 🙂 with laser irradiation (of the same length as the one making the recording) at a certain angle reproduces the hologram. if the sign was projected directly on the target (that is, it kind of feels that the sign does not burn on the window “window” and for example on the deer’s back).Holosight EOTECH is a world-famous device used by many special and military units, not to mention civilians.The 512 XBOW sight has military reliability standards-it can withstand immersion in water up to 3 m, firearm resistance, nitrogen filling, the brand does not shine the operator’s face and is not visible even with an instantaneous look from the outside (technology features), high energy up to 1000 h on one set of batteries , 12 levels of brightness from very bright (for a bright sunny day) to “invisibly” weak for deep darkness, the sight is automatically turned off when the regulate panel is more than 4 hours inactive.Crossbow model of the sight EOTEK except the aim mark with 4 amendments for ballistics 450grn. Arrows (ballistic table in the set) also has the sign of an integrated range finder – which lets you quickly and fairly appropriately decide the distance to the target.Personally, my opinion: just class! The best sight for the crossbow from the typical. As a result of the aesthetic feeling that the grid-rangefinder causes and the build quality – do not pass …See the movie.##### youtube.com/watch?v=bUw3ITR6BWY ######


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