Eotech 512 W/68/1Moa Aa Bttry Blk 512.A65



he EOTech 512.A65/1 holographic sight is as close to military-grade optics on a rifle sight as one can get. It’s a versatile gun sight that helps you maximize your peripheral vision and increase your depth perception when shooting. Used for hunting or close contact combat, this sight is reminiscent of the sights used for first-person shooter games. It works with the one-inch Weaver dovetail mount. The EOTech tactical offers great engagement with the target and decreases the time it takes for target acquisition so that you begin shooting faster and improving your chances of hitting your target. It is a robust sight, and it absorbs shock and vibrations well so that you don’t get full kickback. The EOTech 512.A65/1 model is 5.6 x 2 x 2.5 inches with a weight of 11.5 ounces, making this a lightweight yet durable holographic red dot sight. It boasts a 65 MOA circle dot and a .5 adjustment at a range of 100 yards. It also has a 30-yard field of view to ensure you hone in on distant targets. The transmission holography is 100 percent parallax free, meaning you don’t shoot out of alignment with your target will have to you relatively change the angle through which you look through the sight. The holographic reticle is fog-proof and has an anti-glare coating to prevent vision disturbances at the same time as aiming. Anti-scratch and shatterproof laminate of the reticle window make this a durable, rugged tactical sight. Hunting in the rain isn’t an issue because the EOTech holographic sight is submersible up to ten feet, allowing you to hunt in shallow waters or practice underwater shooting without damage to the weapon sight. The EOTech 512 provides a variety of eye relief as you choose from shooting with one eye closed or both eyes open. Keeping both eyes open gives you greater peripheral vision and depth perception, so the unlimited eye relief is a great benefit of this scope. The sight operates on two 1.5V AA batteries. It supports lithium, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries for a variety of power options. You get 1,000 hours of continued use with lithium batteries and 600 hours of continued use with alkaline batteries. Save battery life by making the most of the auto shutdown mode. This mode automatically shuts down the holographic site after eight hours, but You’ll manually program the red dot sight to shut down after four hours. The auto battery check causes the reticle to flash when there is only 20 percent battery life left, ensuring you at all times have time to replace your batteries. Because It is a holographic model, it does not have extensive magnification optics. You’ll magnify targets up to one time, but the reticle gives you precise aim even without an extensive magnifier. The complex reticle accepts the laser and reflects it in a way that gives you optimal aim without needing to zoom in too much. Combine that with the 65 MOA and you’ve got a versatile, speedy sight that improves your shooting performance even without night vision compatibility.Product IdentifiersBrandEotechModel512.A65/1MPN512.A65/1UPC672294512653Key FeaturesTypeHolographicField of View at 100 Yard90 ftField of View at 100 Meter28 mTechnical FeaturesEye Relief999 in.Reticle PatternCircle, DotDot Size65 MOA, 1 MOAReticle ColorRedFinishBlack


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