ELCAN SpecterDR (DFOV14-T1) Dual Role 1X 4X Combat Sight CX5395 Red Dot FDE



ELCAN SpecterDR (DFOV14-T1) Dual Role 1X – 4X Combat Sight CX5395 Red Dot (FDE) Limited Edition Flat Dark Earth with Free ARD AUTHORIZED DEALER Description:The new “Limited Edition” FDE (Flat Dark Earth) ELCAN SpecterDR DFOV14 optical sight is now available. We offer the most competitive prices anywhere and our customer service is untouchable. Get your sight fast as there is a great demand for them and there is no guarantee that this will be available much longer if (when) they are sold out. SpecterDR Dual Role 1X to 4X ELCAN Combat Sight Limited Edition in Color Flat Dark EarthIncludes: ARMS Dual Throw-Lever Mount, BUIS (Back-Up Iron Sights, ARD (Anti-Reflection Device/Killflash), DL 1/3N Battery, Operator’s Manual The DFOV14 SpecterDR is a revolutionary optical design that combines the best of close and precision fire ranged combat features into a single, low profile Dual Field-Of-View (DFOV) sight. Unlike typical sights with zoom mechanisms, the SpecterDR offers an optimized optical path and identical eye relief design in both 4X and 1X modes.SpecterDR with its Dual-Role capability, comes with an integrated LED that illuminates just the center in Red Dot (1.5 MOA) 1X mode and lets officers move safely through buildings or confined areas, and then switch instantly to (4X), illuminating the entire crosshair for long range, low light use to accurately engage enemies at extended range without changing sights. The reticle itself also has 5 Red LED illumination settings, 2 are NV compatible. SpecterDR is half the weight and twice the capability of carrying two scopes, without compromise to mission effectiveness or reliability. Attached onto a Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny base with A.R.M.S. throw lever mounts, zeroing is incorporated in the integral mount. As part of their SOPMOD kit, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane has purchased these optical sights under NSN:1240-01-533-0939, designated as the SU-230/PVS-C Articulated Telescope. Situational awareness in both magnifications is improved with Ultra-Wide viewing angles and unmatched viewing in low light conditions. The SpecterDR sight has two fields of view. The first is a 1X unity powered (reflex type) sight with an extra large 26°FOV (Field-of-View). The sight incorporates an LED illuminated red-dot reticle. This feature provides the shooter with a “both eyes open”, extremely fast target acquisition, close combat sight. The second is a 4X Magnified sight with a 6.5°FOV (Field-of-View) which provides long-range target identification and precision marksmanship capability out to 600 meters using a bullet drop compensation reticle.MANUFACTURER’S NOTE: ELCAN does not make a scope with a collector in mind. Every single scope goes through a battery of MIL performance testing and unfortunately all of this causes some dings that are touched up as best they may be able to be prior to final acceptance. In addition, the materials that are used are not all uniform as they are selected based on material requirements and then need to be Class III Hard anodized. We will be able to only please those that need superior optical performance that meets MILSPEC environmental requirements.DFOV14 SpecterDR System Technical SpecificationsEye Relief? 70mmFOV @ 1X? 26º at 1X, 48.8m (146.3′) @ 100ydsFOV @ 4X? 6.5º at 4X, 11.4m (34.2′) @ 100ydsMagnification? Unity 1X or Telescopic 4X Reticle ? Dual-Thickness range finding crosshair w/user selectable Red DotReticle ? C1 (CX5395) ; C2 (CX5396)Reticle Adj.? 5 Red Dot Brightness Settings Night Vision Compatible (1.5 – 6 MOA)Reticle Adj.? 5 Crosshair illumination settings Night Vision Compatible Weight? 1.3 lbs. (598g), 21 oz.Size in mm? 153 x 71 x 72 Size in inches? 6″ x 2.8″ x 2.8″Internal Battery? DL 1/3 N, 3V LithiumEntrance Pupil Dia.? 28mm Exit Pupil Dia. ? 8mm Coaxial Alignment? Fixed Focus Range ? 20m to infinityAdjustment Range ? 120 Minutes of AngleAdj. Resolution ? 0.5 MOA (Minute of Angle)Battery Life? 300 min. to 2000 hours typicalExterior Finish ? Anodized Aluminum, Dark EarthOperating Temp? -50°F to +120°FWaterproof ? 66′ for 2 hoursShockproof ? 450 g’sThe sight can quickly be re-configured to a 4x magnification telescopic scope by moving a lever on the side of the sight. This 4x configuration provides the shooter with long-range target identification, surveillance and with a precision marksmanship capability out to and beyond 600 meters range. An affordable Weapon Sight designed specifically for Military, Homeland Security, Police and Security Professionals. The uses a bright Red Spot for fast Close-Quarters aiming, plus a ranged NSN Reticle for accurate engagement to 600 meters. – Switches instantly from close combat (1x) to telescopic (4x)- Eye relief (cheek weld) and bore sighting remain constant- Large, low light exit pupil remains constant- High efficiency coatings for extended low light performance- Integrated lever-lock mount for optimum weigh reduction- Rugged, Reliable Performance- Shock Protected Precision Optics- Integrated back-up iron sights are bore sighted to scopeOptional DFOV Accessories:Part NumberItem DescriptionMSRPYOUR PRICEARD-SDR-BAnti-Reflection Device SpecterDR 1X-4X, Black $79.00 $63.00ARD-SDR-TAnti-Reflection Device SpecterDR 1X-4X, Tan $79.00 $63.00OSC-SDR-BBikini-Style Lens Cover SpecterDR, 1X-4X, Black $25.00 $20.00OSC-SDR-TBikini-Style Lens Cover SpecterDR, 1X-4X, Tan $25.00 $20.00MRD-SDR-BMRD (Mini Red Dot) Mount Kit, Black $94.00 $75.00MRD-SDR-TMRD (Mini Red Dot) Mount Kit, Tan $94.00 $75.00PSK-SDR-BBUIS (Back-Up Iron Sights) Front & Rear, Black N/A $45.00MRDP-SDR-BAuxiliary Picatinny Rail Mount Kit, Black $145.00 $116.00BAG-SDR-BSoft Carry Case, SpecterDR, Black N/A $26.00 Export Restrictions This product is subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of State in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms regulations (ITAR) (22CFR 120 through 130). A license or other approval is required to the ITAR prior to any Export or Temporary Import. I can do my 110% best to get you the best price around.Please do not hesitate to just ask. NOW & ALWAYS FREE FAST SHIPPING!!PLEASE NOTE: All of our products ship out UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority Mail.We also provide a tracking # and depending on the product We will be able to sometimes require signature confirmation for your security.Our main goal is customer satisfaction, our feedback rating shows this. We only sell Brand New Factory Sealed Products unless otherwise noted. Thanks for taking the time to look at my new store. Do to the nature of one of the crucial products we sell, occasionally an item can become backordered. If this happens, Night Vision Universe will contact you immediately letting you know. We will be able to either refund your money immediately in full or you may wait for the item to come back in stock. Just let us know and We will be able to do whatever you desire. Please do not leave us Negative Feedback, We will be able to work with you to solve any problems. Thank You!! If for any reason the item is defective or not as desired please DO NOT open an eBay case, contact me first and I can be more then happy to unravel the issue ASAP.Thank you for shopping with us. Needless to say Night Vision Universe is your one stop shopping experience for your outdoor and sporting good needs. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!! Night Vision Universe GUARANTEE: YOU HAVE OUR ASSURANCE THAT WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS.WE GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL SHIP THE CORRECT ITEM IN A TIMELY FASHION,THAT ITEMS LISTED AS NEW WILL BE BRAND NEW NEVER WORNOR USED AND IN WORKING CONDITION FREE OF DEFECT.Please read through before you buy Thanks eBay’s feedback system includes four rating categories. We work very hard to deserve top ratings in all feedback categories, and hope buyers will take a moment to reward us with 5 star feedback, which we all the time return in kind. Some buyers do not understand the feedback system, and some buyers misuse the feedback system, which makes eBay a worse marketplace for everyone. We ask buyers to consider the following before leaving feedback. Please take the time to contact me if something is wrong. I can be more then happy to unravel the issue right away 🙂 1) Item as described: Did you received what you ordered? We don’t bait and switch, we use the manufacturer’s product information, and all items ship in the original factory packaging and are brand new unless very clearly stated otherwise. If an item arrives in anything less than perfect condition then something happened in transit, and we ask you to contact us ASAP so We will be able to make it right BEFORE leaving feedback or opening an eBay case. 2) Communication: All buyers receive a purchase confirmation at time of purchase, a payment receipt, and an email from us with order information, which includes estimated shipping and delivery times. Your eBay order page will also show the estimated delivery date. We also respond to emails very quickly, ceaselessly in a matter of minutes or hours, even on weekends and holidays (though on weekends and holidays it sometimes takes a bit longer :-)))) 3) Shipping time: Every listing and order page shows standard handling times and estimated delivery dates. Very ceaselessly items ship and arrive even sooner than this. If your item arrives within the stated delivery estimate, we ask you to leave us a good rating in this category. Some buyers are very unreasonable and expect their item to arrive 10 minutes after they buy it, and unfairly punish sellers who deliver what they promised when they promised. We trust that our customers will not act that way, just as we don’t take advantage of them. 4) Shipping and handling charges: Clearly noted in all listings – so if you don’t agree with it, don’t buy it! Our total prices are all the time very competitive. In addition, we ask buyers to limit their feedback comments to our performance in these categories. The feedback section is not the place to leave product reviews (not our fault if you don’t like what you buy, and it’s not to our credit if you do), comment on whether or not you got the best price on the planet, or make other comments that are really not related to our having delivered what you purchased in a timely fashion. If you feel that for some reason we fell short of our goal to receive 5 stars in all categories, please let us know why so We will be able to improve our business. And even if we aren’t perfect, please remember the fact that we are human just like you, and we try our best to do things right – so cut us some slack. We’re a small family-owned business trying to make it, not a huge company that doesn’t care.Export of U.S. manufactured night vision equipment is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations Part 120-130, and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce. For Further information contact the Office of Defense Trade Control and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce.By purchasing this item, I understand, acknowledge, and agree to the U.S. Export Policy. I am a U.S. Person, and I do not intend to export this product. Night Vision Universe will not be held responsible for unlawful export. This includes all generations of any night vision optic, thermal optic, laser optic or day optic.


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