Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile Conx Laser Rangefinder 7x26MM 202540



Features±90° Incline / Decline RangeARC-Angle Range Compensation in MOABallistic Data displayed in MOA, inches, centimeters or MILsPrism with BaK-4 glass7x magnification26mm objective lens5-1760 yd range ±1 yd accuracy with ±1/2 yd accuracy up to 200 ydFully multi-coated opticsRainGuard HD coatingCONX allows configuration of up to 3 custom ballistic curves from iOS or Android devices via BluetoothApplied Ballistics mode connects to the CONX compatible Kestrel Weather Meter to compensate for realtime wind correctionsScan, Bullseye, and Brush targeting modesARC Rifle HD and Rifle Modes for bullet drop/holdover calculationVariable Sight-In (VSI) distance for selecting rifle zero2nd Generation Extreme Speed Precision processor (ESP) allows fast target acquisition, measurement, and calculationVivid Display Technology with in-view measurements and battery life indicatorCompatible with magnetic attachment systemBuilt in Tripod Mount The first laser rangefinder that interfaces with your smart phone, the Elite 1 Mile CONX is a technological advantage for long-range shooters.Once your smart phone is connected via CONX you’ll be able to set up the Rangefinder from the phone and set up to 3 different custom ballistic curves. Get hold over values from the Laser Rangefinder in inches, MOA or MILs on your smart phone or the Rangefinder’s display. With using approved Kestrel Windmeters, advanced environmental data may also be incorporated into holdover values for superior ballistic data.With Bluetooth connectivity, the 7×26 Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder from Bushnell combines a laser rangefinder and an inclinometer inside a waterproof housing for providing highly accurate distance measurements for any area. The CONX Technology lets you connect to the rangefinder via Bluetooth on your Apple iOS or Android device. Configure your device wirelessly and load up to three custom ballistic curves the usage of your smartphone. With using approved Kestrel windmeters, the advanced environmental and wind data will be incorporated into holdover values and offers superior ballistic performance. It features Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology, which makes this device useful for archers and riflemen alike. ARC provides precise ranges and shot-correction recommendations by the usage of the rangefinder and the inclinometer to calculate ranges and angles. This rangefinder can be utilized with quite a lot of shooting equipment ranging from rifles to bows and can use your own weapon and ballistic information to recommend elevation adjustments in MOA. It offers a 5-1760 yard range with a 0.1 yard accuracy from 5 to 199 yards. Additionally, the rangefinder provides quite a lot of targeting modes like Scan, Bullseye, and Brush to cater to your specific needs. The Vivid Display Technology helps to give a boost to contrast, clarity, and transmission of light for fast positive identification in more than a few lighting conditions. The Elite is also equipped with a second generation Extreme Speed and Precision processor (ESP), which enables it to quickly process data. This allows it to properly utilize features like Variable Sight-In to quickly and as it should be use data like bullet drop to calculate proper compensation over the range and elevation difference. For ensuring optical quality the optics are all multi-coated, and it has a RainGuard HD coating to help with condensation or rain. Also included with this rangefinder is a CR123 lithium battery.


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