Aimpoint PRO 2 MOA Patrol Rifle Optic Red Dot Scope Optic12841 scope Spec Ops



You are looking at the: Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) We are a certified dealer of Aimpoint scopes. Take a look at the Aimpoint site to verify us. We are located in Murrieta, California under the business name SladeStreetTactical. You will have to only buy certified to make sure you don’t seem to be buying a cheap counterfeit. Why these scopes? Indestructible – This scope will last longer than your rifle. Built for the most extreme environments.History – Used by The usa’s elite forces; police and military. Save Money – Buying a scope at this price you know you have a quality optic on your rifle. Sure there are cheap imitations that look like an Aimpoint, but they are going to only last a couple of months and will be a complete loss of your hard earned cash.Reputation – There is a reason Aimpoint is this sort of well known brand. They have a reputation for being the best. Image – Be the envy of the range with an authentic Aimpoint scope on your rifle.Reinforce American Business – By buying from us you are supporting a local family owned business based in California. Additional info: -Aimpoint’s 2017 Model optic. -In my opinion, the most superior brand of optic on planet earth. -Finger Torque mount (No tools needed to install or remove optic). Unit will install perfectly torqued like the CompM Model -Fully Waterproof -Multiple brightness settings and Night vision Compatible. -Includes integral Co-witness Mount. -Built to be stored in your gun protected turned ON (That’s how long the battery lasts) Up to 30,000 Hours or THREE YEARS! -Brand New in Box (We have a bunch in stock). -Used by Military and Law Enforcement worldwide -Integral flip-up dust caps with transparent objective lens cap. -Simply the finest sub $1000 Optic on PLANET EARTH! Thank you for looking at our Aimpoint scope. You will have to buy from us because we are an American business who Reinforce the NRA and fight for your right to bear arms. We are Lifetime NRA members and stand proud in Reinforce of your gun rights. Thanks again, Gabe from SladeStreetTactical Need more info? Email us or text us. See our site for additional details and items.


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